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Icons: Combat Arena


Kicking off a new era for platform fighting game fans: Wavedash Games is the fresh, new games studio and publisher behind the platform fighting game Icons: Combat Arena. As established veterans of the fighting game community and modding scene, they’re offering more features, more content, and more accessibility for legions of passionate competitive gamers.

Icons: Combat Arena is being developed with the competitive player and audience squarely in mind, and it’s free! Built by members of the fighting game community with an affinity for online and offline competitive gaming, Icons: Combat Arena is accessible and free-to-play, and built with the community for highly competitive play; its intensely satisfying to both play and watch with friends.

It brings fans a complete platform fighter experience – without compromise: flawless online play, solid controls, balanced-yet-deep competitive gameplay, and an always-growing, colorful roster of blasters, bruisers, battlers, and brawlers, including a range of familiar archetypes and original designs. While there are many reasons people love fighting games – for fame, fortune, or just for fun – those entering the Arena share one goal: to become an icon of their homeworld.


Genre: Platform Fighter, Brawler

Platforms: Windows PC

Available: 2018

Press Contact: Ted Brockwood –

Influencer Contact: Lobo Rivera –



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