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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena


Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a tactical RPG focusing on fast-action and deep, yet quick, turn-based PvP matches with players around the world. Players battle not only for bragging rights, but for gold, medals and unlockable cards which grant the player new combat characters and rare items.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena gives players the chance to show off their tactical mastery as they strategically maneuver armies of ogres, barbarians, wizards, archers, demons and more into fighting positions to let loose powerful attacks including volleys of arrows, powerful arcane magic, or flurries of smash and slash melee action. Take on all challengers, collect and train your monsters, and evolve your team into an unstoppable force to compete with players around the globe!


  • Multiple PvE and PvP modes – Whether you’re a fan of single-player modes or love competitive multiplayer, or you love both, there’s a breadth of content for you.
  • Collect, Coach, Conquer – More than 60 different monsters to collect, level up and train, giving players the ability to create and master teams that can hand any type of opponent.
  • Hex-Grid Movement and Turn Based Combat – Gives players more precision and freedom of movement than traditional grid-style maps, perfect for those just starting out and adding extra layers of depth for those who want to play at a highly-competitive level.
  • Cross-play – (Coming in 2018) With the ability for mobile players to play against PC players (and vice versa), Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena ensures that you’ll find a match no matter when or where you play (Console cross-play will be part of this message, once details are finalized). Allay concerns from PC and console media by promoting this feature.

Genre: Strategy, Turn Based RPG

Platforms: Windows PC, iOS, Android

Available: Nov 2017

Press Contact: Scott Jenkins –

Influencer Contact: Megan Hildreth –



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